The station is used to send pneumatic tube containers to a higher-level system.

Sequence description:

  • Input terminal indicates readiness for the input of a transport box.

  • The door is unlocked.

  • A can is inserted and set in the correct direction.
    (Check by optical and inductive sensors) + optional RFID reader/writer checks the can recognition.

  • If all checks on the input were successful, the door can be closed. After the start command on the display, the door is locked electrically.

  • The lifting cylinder lifts the can into the transport tube and seals it.

  • Electrically operated valve releases the transport air.

  • Pneumatically controlled flap switches transmit or receive the position.

  • The station can remain in this position until the can is sent back from the laboratory or, after arrival, goes back into transmit and receive standby depending on the control in the main PLC.

Spatial limits:

  • Required floor space incl. movement/travel areas incl. safety distances: approx. 4m².
  • Installation limits: 2x2m
  • Space required for assembly: 4m²
  • Movement space at the workstations: 2m²


  • Man-machine: Touchpanel
  • Machine power supply: Central power supply
  • Machine media supply: Compressed air supply
  • Machine material supply: Manual

Time limits:

  • Duty cycle (ED): 24/7
  • Operating time: min. 10 years
  • Lifetime: min. 10 years
  • Switching cycles: approx. 100 samples/day
  • Multi-shift operation: yes
  • Inspection intervals: 12 months

Environmental limits:

  • Temperature range: min. maximum temperatures: -10 – 35°C
  • Relative humidity: max. 60%
  • Altitude above sea level: up to 1500m

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