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We, the family-owned company QCS Rohrpost GmbH, develop state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and automation solutions for quality control (QC) of raw, basic and reprocessed materials worldwide – all from one source.  Starting within PFAFF Rohrpost GmbH , we draw on more than 40 years of experience. With our spirit of innovation, we set new standards for the sustainable use and conservation of resources.

Heinz Sepke

has over 40 years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering for automated quality control and was for decades project manager and mentee of Reinhard Pfaff, founder of PFAFF Rohrpost GmbH.



Starting in 1983 as a service technician at Pfaff, Heinz Sepke worked his way through all departments, such as research & development, until he was finally responsible for project management with global focus.

In 2007 Pfaff, headquartered in Wuppertal (Germany), was sold to the FLSmidth Group. The plant in Wuppertal was retained and Heinz Sepke continued in the role of project manager with global focus.

Logo QCS Rohrpost GmbH Remscheid Sepke

At the end of 2014, FLSmidth decided to close the plant in Wuppertal site. Heinz Sepke saw great potential in innovating the machines and found a new company – QCS Rohrpost GmbH – together with his technicians and programmers who also learned at Pfaff.

From then on, QCS Rohrpost developed its own equipment and, due to its history, is also very familiar with machines from Pfaff and FLSmidth.

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