Fast, precise, and reliable OES, XRF, and XRD analysis through automated sample preparation.

In metal processing and cement production: Less effort, faster cycle times, and higher analysis precision through our automated sample preparation.

Why fast, precise and reliable sample preparation matters?

Metalworking plants and cement plants are facing increasingly tough requirements for sample analysis quality and complexity, and for production output. This is partly a result of higher customer expectations, increasing shortage of raw materials and of environmental regulations placing stricter controls on production. In addition, the current economic climate demands 24/7/365 plant operation with limited manpower.

Key Challenges your quality lab needs to solve

The output, costs and quality dilemma

The production requires fast and correct results while increasing output, improve quality and reduce operational costs

Variances in material analysis

Competitive production methods using alternative ingredients and additives lead to variances and put very tight requirements on quality control. Likewise special recipes for steel, iron ore, aluminum or cement require stricter controls and precise analysis.

Shortage of suitable specialists

Many plants are located in areas where it is difficult to recruit skilled engineers

Non-stop operation

For 24/7 plant operation, the process laboratory must operate constantly with only very few, short stops. In manual operation this leads to high recurring stress levels

Health consequences

The production of steel, pig iron, aluminum or cement involve rough environments. Due to bulkiness, heat, fine dust or the use of other chemicals in the manual preparation process, health issues and hazards can arise

How we can help your quality lab solve these challenges

Improving speed and accuracy of sample results.

QCS LabAutomation delivers repeatable, fast and accurate analysis results through automated preparation, analysis and control within software.

Ensuring reliable results despite variances in ingredients

QCS LabAutomation ensures consistent high-quality sample taking, preparation and analysis by programming default recipes/programs within machines.

Operating sample preparation and analysis with flexibility in manpower and knowhow

QCS LabAutomation minimizes administrative efforts through documented handling of material from process to analysis.

Enabling 24/7 operation

QCS LabAutomation monitors key components’ KPIs, enabling verification of run hours and end of lifetime for wear parts – facilitating spare-part sourcing and reducing downtime for maintenance. It enables frequent and consistent results that are fully available 24/7

Minimizing health and safety incidents

QCS LabAutomation minimizes the time and need for human intervention.

Any analytical testing and analytical manufacturer you need

Our system comes standard with a comprehensive interface library for all leading instrument manufacturers such as ThermoFisher, SPECTRO, Bruker, Malvern Panalytical and OBLF. Therefore we can integrate any analytical testing you need

Stationary optical emissions spectrometry (OES)

Mobile optical emissions spectrometry (OES)

X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF)

Mobile Y-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF)

X-ray diffraction spectrometry (XRD)

Laser Induced Breakdown spectrometry (LIBS)

You get support all from one source

Automated sample preparation, transport and analysis provide fast, reliable and consistent information for quality and process control. Our system supports quality control at all relevant stages of production in a single, integrated system.

Automation is not about doing more with less, but about doing more with the resources we have

-Antonio Grasso

High availability, quick response time

All from one source: Engineering, programming, implementation and world-wide service

Flexible and scalable for your individual requirements

We are ready to help you at any degree of automation in quality lab

The modular system architecture allows for any degree of automation. It can be scaled from small, task-targeted semi-automation units to large, fully automated laboratories. This modularity supports a phased approach to integrating automation.

Option 1

Manual sample preparation

Option 2

Semi-automation in sample preparation and analysis

Option 3

Fully automation in sample transportation and sample preparation and analysis

Let our expert team guide you towards first steps of automated sample preparation

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Step 3

Gain more time for improving quality instead of focusing on sample preparation

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